ISI buying demonetised notes to use in new fake currencies: Intelligence agencies

ISI buying demonetised notes to use in new fake currencies: Intelligence agencies

New Delhi: Indian intelligence agencies have discovered that a huge number of demonetised Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes are being purchased by agents of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence to be re-used in fake Indian currency notes that are currently legal tender.

According to Indian investigation agencies, these notes are being bought and secretly transported to Nepal from where they are smuggled to printing press in Karachi and Peshawar with the help of D-Company agents. The biggest revelation is that RBI’s security wires on these demonetised notes are taken out at the printing press and then used in fake new notes of Rs 500, Rs 2000 and Rs 50. These notes are then smuggled to Dubai and Bangladesh – once again with the help of D-Company.

An intelligence report accessed by Zee News finds that the demonetised notes are being purchased from different states in India. Notes worth lakhs have been found during several raids and the ISI’s interest in them was discovered when people dealing with the notes within India were questioned. They have revealed that Pakistani smugglers play a huge role in the entire fake-currency syndicate spanning from Nepal and Pakistan to Dubai and Bangladesh. They pay them for the demonetised noted once these reach Nepal.

According to sources in the Home Ministry, Indian intelligence agencies are now trying to find out the worth of demonetised notes already smuggled.
The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has also been looking at counterfeit currency recovered and sources within the agency have said that newer fake notes are quite advanced and the common man – in most cases – would not be able to make out the difference between fake and real.


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