Government plans to crackdown on ‘drunk driving’ using Aadhaar card. Here’s how

Government plans to crackdown on ‘drunk driving’ using Aadhaar card. Here’s how

Dehradun: In a bid to crackdown on drunk driving and weed out fake licences, the Centre is now mulling to float a proposal to link Aadhaar card with driving licences of individuals across the country. Union Minister of Law and Justice Ravi Shankar Prasad on Tuesday mentioned clearly that he is in talks with the Road Transport minister Nitin Gadkari to get driver licences linked with the 12-digit unique identification number.

Prasad explained that linking drivers licence will not only help in improved transparency but will also help in identifying and cracking down on drunk drivers who break rules frequently. “I am in conversation with Union Minister Nitin Gadkari to link Aadhaar card with (driving) licence so that if a drunk driver escapes from one state to another by killing people, he would be caught. A person can change name not his/her fingerprints,” Prasad said while addressing a press conference.

The proposal to link Aadhaar with driving licences was proposed months earlier but all Aadhaar-related guidelines are now on hold as the Supreme Court is yet to pronounce its final verdict on the ongoing case. However, several banks and other financial services mandatorily require an Aadhaar card, despite the ruling. There may be a strong possibility that you would soon have to link your driver’s licence for it to be valid.

Some prominent wallets have also favoured the unique identification number for KYC more than other government-valid documents such as the PAN card and Voters ID. In fact, some financial services which require PAN, have also intimated customers to link Aadhaar as soon as possible. As of now, there is no clear mandate on the use of Aadhaar till the judgement is pronounced on the matter by the Supreme Court.

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