Airtel, Huawei successfully conduct 5G network trial in India

Airtel, Huawei successfully conduct 5G network trial in India

Airtel and Huawei have conducted India’s first 5G network trial, which took place at Airtel’s Network Experience Centre in Manesar, Gurugram. The setup for this 5G trial involved a 5G RAN that operated on a 3.5GHz network band, along with 5G Core and a 50GE network slicing router. In the duration of the tests, a user throughput speed of 3Gbps was achieved, which the companies claim is the highest for the 3.5GHz band. The tests were conducted within a 100MHz bandwidth, and resulted in a 1-millisecond end-to-end network latency.

5G services, based on a third-generation partnership project (3GPP), are expected to offer enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) through R15 repeaters, that can cater to coverage requirements. In December 2017, 3GPP completed the first set of 5G New Radio standards. Under 5G technology, users are expected to be able to experience premium video quality across modes including, 360-degree, 4K, ultra-HD, along with virtual reality and augmented reality.

Telecom operators and smartphone companies believe that 5G also holds the key to growth of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, and can enhance Internet of Things(IoT). “The promise of 5G is endless, it will be a game changer and, it will change the way we live, work and engage. We look forward to work closely with our partners for developing a robust 5G ecosystem in India,” Abhay Savargaonkar, Director – Networks, Bharti Airtel said in a press statement. “We shall also continue to work with Vertical Industry players to develop wider ecosystem use cases beyond enhanced mobile broadband,” said Emmanuel Coelho Alves, Director, Wireless Marketing, Huawei HQ.


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